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Interested in learning more about investing in the fast growing ComFreight Marketplace? Email our Founder: [email protected].

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We also offer custom white label solutions which include private freight marketplace app development. Inquire here: [email protected].

About Us
The load board world has traditionally been one that focuses on allowing brokers to find trucks and carriers to find broker loads. ComFreight.comâ„¢ is revolutionizing the concept of what a load board is with new and advanced freight matching technology. We are developing a full-scale platform for the commercial trucking industry for bidding, freight matching and networking. Direct shippers post loads on the site and receive bids in real time from carriers and freight service providers in an optional auction format. We are also adding value for logistics service providers by giving them the ability to bid out loads in their network to asset based carriers and trucking companies. Additionally, new freight matching alerts and notifications allow for real-time alerts for loads that match up to empty posted truck space instantly even when a user is offline.

Alerts for new loads or trucks are sent to a user whenever a new freight match is found. ComFreight also aids in freight consolidation allowing users to find partial or LTL loads to fill partial truck space within the range of specific lanes and within specific time frames. We are continuing to develop new features to improve shipper's transportation spend and new tools to help logistics companies win more direct shipper freight and grow faster.

Here at ComFreight, we have a passion for helping our users grow their businesses. We are small business owners ourselves and we want to build the best tools for the lowest possible cost to help all of our users grow. We help direct shippers fulfil RFPs and get freight quotes for free and we help Carriers and good honest smaller Freight Brokers and Freight Agents find good quality carriers to work with and also allow these brokers and freight agents to help shippers when they don't get bids or quotes from other carriers in our system too. We will try to get back to you if you have a question as soon as possible. So feel free to send us questions or recommendations. We're here for you and we have a passion for the trucking and logistics industry. We want you to grow with us so share our load posts, or truck posts and spread the word.

ComFreight offers a platform and software that doesn't require you to sign any contracts or long term agreements and opens up infinite new possibilities to help keep extra space on your trucks or trucks in your network filled. Load boards don't have to be expensive and don't have to be hard to use. ComFreight is also helping more and more direct shippers get freight quotes and bids from smaller qualified carriers and brokers with better and better tools for direct shippers who need pricing for their freight moves.

We take our commitment to serving you, your families and your teams with the utmost sincerity and we can't wait to release more and more new tools and capabilities that are easy to use, fast to deploy and help you grow your business faster than was ever thought possible. Steve Kochan (Founder) started this company to help smaller businesses get more access to more potential business and help shippers who need help with spot quotes and RFPs. We are making our site and web app easier to use, more streamlined and adding more value every day. The Future of Load Boards is here and that means the best opportunities for logistics providers, carriers and shippers.