How It Works

1. Shippers Post Full, Partial and LTL Loads that they need Freight Quotes or Bids on to ComFreight.
2. Carriers and Brokers who have Shipper Load Alerts turned on get alerted via email with details of the new shipper load that has been posted so they can submit a bid.

3. Bid and Quote alerts are sent via email to Shippers who can view the bidder's info and then accept and send a rate confirmation or call the bidder back directly.

All Carrier and Broker account users also have the ability to message any shipper via the load details pages for loads that Shippers have posted.

Shipper Loads for the current date, that are active and accepting rates from Carriers or Brokers, are listed in a seprate page called "Shipper Loads."

All Carrier and Broker account users can also search, view, bid on or call on all brokered load posts that can be found using the main search tool.

Brokers can also post loads and receive phone calls or quick bids from Carriers who are matching trucks to loads or searching the thousands of daily broker loads.
Carriers can call or quick bid on thousands of additional daily broker loads. Replace or supplement your load board and find new direct shippers from any device.

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Question: If I am a paying carrier subscriber using the site or web app do I have to bid on all of the loads or can I call on the loads directly?

Answer: If you are a paying Carrier user or Broker user you are only required to Bid on Loads if you are bidding on Direct Shipper loads on the "Shipper Loads" page. Otherwise you can find loads using the "Load Map(s)", "Search Loads" or the Post Truck-Load Alerts tool to quickly find freight matches that you will be able to call on directly. The broker freight posted on the site also has a quick bid option as well. You can CALL directly or Quick Bid on all of the Thousands of Daily Broker Loads!

Watch This Video to see how to Bid on Direct Shipper Loads

Question: How does the free trial and subscription work if I sign up for a Carrier or Broker package?

Answer: Carriers and Brokers who sign up on the site receive a 15 day free trial. During this time you are free to use all the capabilities of your respective package and can deactivate at any time before your free trial is up. After the 15 days have expired your subscription is billed once a month, month to month for your account. We do not lock you into contracts or pre-paid options like other sites. You can leave or come back at any time and manage your account from the "Settings" tab while logged in.

Question: How do I Cancel or Deactivate my Paid ComFreight Account?

Answer: If you would like to Deactivate your active account simply navigate to the Settings menu item in the main menu, then click on the Deactivate tab and click on the Deactivate button. Your account will be deactivated and you will have to update your billing information to reactivate your account if you would like to use it again.

Question: Are there any hidden fees for bidding on loads or accepting bids on loads or are there any additional costs for using ComFreight like other sites charge?

Answer: There are no hidden fees or additional costs for using the ComFreight load matching board and freight bidding platform! ComFreight is completely free for Direct Shippers to post loads and receive bids. Carriers and Brokers only pay a small monthly subscription for full access to all tools, features and bidding! We believe you deserve to get 100% of the rate agreed upon to move loads you find on the ComFreight load board. We want you to keep all your hard earned cash!

Question: What are the main differences between a Carrier and a Broker account?

Answer: The main difference between the Carrier and the Broker account is that a Broker account allows users to Post Loads of their own to match up to trucks. Broker accounts also have the added benefit of allowing access to truck finding tools. These truck finding tools are the Truck Board and visual Truck Map.

Question: Are you a broker in any way, do you take a dispatch fee of any kind or do you ever get between me and other businesses like other sites do?

Answer: No. ComFreight is not another freight broker with a phone app pretending to be a load matching service and we never get in the way of you transacting business with another user of the site. We do not sneak in any additional fees or extra costs on any of your interactions nor do we take a cut of final bids or agreed upon rates like our competitors do. You get full flexibility, control, transparency and freedom for your business by using the ComFreight platform!

Question: How do I know if a carrier, broker or shipper is safe to do business with through the site?

Answer: We provide FMCSA data from the DOT for carriers and brokers as well as credit info for our load posters in order to help you make the most informed decision on execution once you find a match or receive a bid on the site. We also have a community rating system for users to rate other parties based on the quality of service they received. This way you get objective and community based intel to help you make the best business decisions while using the platform.

Question: Does your site only work on my computer or can I use it on my phone or tablet?

Answer: The ComFreight platform works across any mobile device, tablet or phone that has data or an internet connection. This means you can use ComFreight as a mobile web app on your smart phone, from your tablet or any device with data connectivity. Use it from the road at a truck stop, use it on the floor or your warehouse or catch up on the latest load match alerts or run searches and view load details pages from the comfort of your couch on your tablet or iphone!

Question: How do I know if I will get paid by a shipper and do you provide options to help me get paid as a carrier or broker?

Answer: We offer the option to factor or get quick pay on loads you find or bid on in the site via our quick pay and financing partners. Carriers can factor loads that are pre-approved in the system and Brokers can request to setup a new Quick Pay program that costs nothing to use and start paying carriers faster which in turn improves trust with their carriers. We also provide days to pay data and credit info to provide you with confidence and transparency for load posters in the system.

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